Pasta & Noodles


Pasta is any type of food that is made from a flour and water dough (or paste), then formed into shapes such as rods or sheets before it is cooked by boiling. We most commonly use the word pasta to describe the Italian staple food, made from durum-wheat semolina and added to a range of tasty sauces to make a quick and delicious main meal. However, it can also include varieties from other countries and cultures, such as manti, a stuffed pasta from Turkey.

Oriental noodles are another form of pasta, made from flour that is the staple food of the area, such as wheat flour, buckwheat flour, rice flour, mung bean flour or potato flour. Unlike Italian pasta, noodles are rarely served as a meal in themselves, but are more commonly added to soups and stir-fried dishes.

We've put together an in-depth guide to the many different varieties of pasta and noodles, with some handy cooking tips and serving suggestions.

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