Penne, Pennette, Pennine & Pennoni

Also known as mostaccioli, penne is a thin tube of pasta with sharp diagonally cut ends, which resemble the end of a quill pen. These diagonal ends are excellent for scooping up pasta sauces. Penne is a very versatile pasta, which may be served with sauces, added to salads or baked in casseroles.

There are a number of different varieties of penne:

  • Penne Rigate: 3-4 cm in length with a ridged surface
  • Penne Zita: 4 cm in length, with a slightly wider diameter than penne
  • Pennoni: 3-4 cm in length, with a wider diameter than penne, sold with a smooth (lisce) or ridged (rigate) surface
  • Mezze Penne: A shorter, stubbier version of penne, but with the same diameter
  • Pennette: A thinner and shorter version of penne, sold with a smooth or ridged surface
  • Pennine: A thinner version of pennette, available smooth or ridged





Cooking Times

  • Penne Rigate: 10-12 minutes
  • Penne Zita: 10-12 minutes
  • Pennoni: 9-12 minutes
  • Mezze Penne: 9-11 minutes
  • Pennette: 9-11 minutes
  • Pennine: 8-11 minutes