Thickening & Raising Agents


Thickening and raising agents are essential items in the kitchen - although they do not add flavour or colour to food, they are crucial in creating the right texture and consistency for a wide range of cooked and baked foods. Thickeners such as cornflour can create rich, substantial stews, whilst leavening products such as baking powder can be used to produce soft, light, airy cakes.

In this section we take a look at both thickening and raising agents, with tips on how they should be used.

Thickening Agents
Thickeners such as flour, arrowroot and cornflour used to make stews, gravies, sauces and soups ...
Raising Agents
A look at the range of leavening agents that may be used to make cakes and breads rise, including yeast, baking powder and cream of tartar ...