Boning a Leg of Lamb

  1. Using a sharp knife, cut off some of the heavy fat layer from the outside of the leg.
  2. Take hold of the broad, curved hip bone, which protrudes at the wider end of the leg (the sirloin end), and carefully run a sharp knife closely around it. This will release it from the meat and tendons that are attached to it, allowing the bone to be pulled out.
  3. Grasp the shank bone at the other end of the leg (the narrow end), and run a knife around it to sever the meat and tendons from the bone. Twist and pull the bone from the meat.
  4. Sit the meat up with the wide end uppermost, and tunnel into the cavity left by the hip bone, cutting as close to the leg bone as possible .
  5. When all the meat has been cut back from the middle bone, pull the bone out of the hip cavity.
  6. You will now have removed three bones: the hip bone, the shank bone and the middle or main leg bone.
  7. Tuck the shank end of the meat into the cavity left by the bones and roll up the meat to make a neat joint. Tie with kitchen string.