Boning a Shoulder of Lamb

  1. Lay the shoulder fat side down and take hold of the exposed end of the foreleg.
  2. Cut round the foreleg bone with a sharp knife, pushing the meat back as you progress towards the joint.
  3. Cut into the joint between the foreleg and the middle bone, and then bend the foreleg back until the joint breaks. Remove the foreleg.
  4. Hold the exposed end of the middle bone and cut back the meat in the same way as with the foreleg, cutting as close to the bone as possible. Avoid piercing the surface of the skin.
  5. Pull the middle bone away from the shoulder blade and prise it from the centre.
  6. Position the meat so that the triangular shoulder blade is nearest to you.
  7. Insert the knife into the meat against the bone, and cut the meat away from either side of the flat bone. Pull out the blade.
  8. You will now have removed three bones: the foreleg, the middle bone and the shoulder blade.
  9. Trim any excess fat from the meat.
  10. Roll up the boned meat with the skin on the outside and secure it with kitchen string.