Stuffing & Trussing a Turkey

  1. Place the turkey on a board, breast side up.
  2. Using a small, sharp knife, cut out the wishbone that lies just under the skin at the neck end.
  3. Spoon the stuffing into the neck end of the turkey.
  4. (Optional) Loosen the skin over the breast by easing in your fingers and press a thin layer of stuffing over the breast meat.
  5. Turn the bird over.
  6. Pull the neck skin over the stuffing and secure the flap of neck skin to the back using a small skewer.
  7. Turn the bird breast up again.
  8. Loosely fill the body cavity with a stuffing or with flavourings such as slices of onion or apple or herbs.
  9. Taking a long piece of kitchen string, loop it centrally under the tail. Cross the string over the top of the tail, and then bring the string up over the ends of the drumsticks.
  10. Cross the string tightly over the drumsticks to tie them together and close to the tail.
  11. (Optional) Tuck the wing tips under the breast.