Preparing a Cooked Lobster

  1. Twist the claws and pincers off the cooked lobster.
  2. Using a nutcracker, lobster cracker, small hammer or the back of a heavy knife, crack open the claws and legs and carefully extract the meat.
  3. Remove the thin membrane from the centre of each claw.
  4. Place the lobster on the board with its back uppermost. Draw a sharp knife through the head from where it joins the tail section towards the eyes.
  5. Reinsert the knife and move it in the opposite direction, cutting down to the tip of the tail and splitting the lobster completely in two.
  6. Open up the two halves to expose the flesh.
  7. Discard the white gills from the top of the head, the dark intestinal tract, which runs down the middle of the tail and the small stomach sac that lies in the head.
  8. The creamy green tomalley (liver) in the head is considered a delicacy and should be reserved to eat or to make lobster sauce.
  9. Female lobsters often contain a bright coral-red roe in the tail, and occasionally darker external roe. Both should be reserved and added to the accompanying sauce.
  10. Extract the meat from the tail.
  11. Pick out the meat from the feeler claws with a small skewer; or alternatively set them aside for decoration.
  12. Wash out the empty half-shells and then put all the meat back into them.