Preparing Squid

  1. Grasping the squid firmly with one hand, reach inside the body with the other to pull out the head, tentacles and innards.
  2. Pull off and discard the body's mottled skin.
  3. Feel inside the body for the 'quill' (a long piece of transparent cartilage); pull it out and discard it.
  4. Wash the body thoroughly, inside and out, under cold running water.
  5. Pull off the two flaps from the body; these should separate quite easily.
  6. Cut the tentacles from the head.
  7. If the long, narrow ink sac is attached to the head, you can remove it carefully to use in an accompanying sauce. The head, which contains the entrails, can now be discarded.
  8. The body may be cut it into thick rings or left whole for stuffing, the tentacles cut to a manageable size and the flaps sliced into broad strips.
  9. The squid is now ready for cooking.