Preparing Globe Artichokes

When working with globe artichokes, rub all cut surfaces with juice from lemon halves to prevent discoloration.

  1. Snap off the stalk of the artichoke at the base, pulling out the fibres with it.
  2. Bend a large lower leaf over towards the base until it snaps, and then pull it off. Snap off all the large outer leaves in the same way.
  3. Cut off the cone of paler green, soft inner leaves, by cutting straight across just above the hairy choke.
  4. Using a small knife, trim away all the dark green parts from around the base and sides of the artichoke. When you have finished, the artichoke should be a neat round shape.
  5. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the hairy choke in the centre.
  6. Either plunge the artichoke heart in water acidulated with lemon juice to prevent discoloration, or cook it immediately.